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Is Organic Really Better? 4 Food Myths Debunked By Science

About half (51%) of those that say most or a few of what they eat are organic foods say that organic produce tastes higher, 45% say organic produce tastes about the identical. By comparison, totally 71% of those that don’t eat organic meals in any respect or not too much say that fruit and veggies grown organically taste about the identical as different meals, a fifth (20%) say organic meals style higher. Most Americans are buying organic foods because of health considerations. More than half (fifty five%) of the public says that organic fruits and vegetables are better for one’s health than conventionally grown produce.

There is little scientific evidence of profit or hurt to human health from a diet excessive in organic food, and conducting any type of rigorous experiment on the topic could be very troublesome. The American Cancer Society has said that no evidence exists that the … Read More