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Washington State Health Care Authority

The United States has one of many highest costs of healthcare on the earth. In 2018, the United States spent about $3.6 trillion on healthcare, which averages to about $eleven,000 per particular person. Relative to the dimensions of the economy, healthcare prices have increased over the past few decades, from 5 % of gross domestic product (GDP) in 1960 to 18 % in 2018. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) project that by 2028, such prices will climb to $6.2 trillion, or about $18,000 per individual, and can symbolize about 20 p.c of GDP.

Most different developed international locations management prices, partially, by having the federal government play a stronger position in negotiating costs for healthcare. Their healthcare techniques don’t require the high administrative prices that drive up pricing within the U.S. As the worldwide overseers of their nation’s methods, these governments have the flexibility to barter decrease … Read More