Is It Ok To Take Different Supplements At The Same Time?

A second purpose for vitamin treatment is to stop the event of an expected deficiency. Here, vitamins are administered even with no take a look at for potential deficiency. One example is vitamin K treatment of new child infants to prevent bleeding.

In basic, the American meals supply is fortified with niacin. If your well being routine includes probiotics, important oils, vitamins, minerals, or different dietary supplements, our retailer is a good place to replenish.

Food supplementation is one other form of vitamin remedy. The vitamin D added to meals serves the purpose of preventing the deficiency from occurring in persons who is probably not exposed a lot to sunlight and who fail to consume meals which might be fortified with vitamin D, similar to milk. Niacin supplementation prevents pellagra, a illness that happens in people who rely heavily on corn as the main supply of meals, and who do not eat much meat or milk.

  • Vitamin E deficiency happens only rarely, and causes nerve harm.
  • Vitamin D deficiency leads to diseases of the bones similar to osteoporosis and rickets.

The effectiveness of vitamin A supplementation to treat measles in international locations, such because the United States, the place vitamin A intakes are usually enough, is unsure. Omega-3 fatty acids, a kind of fat found naturally in many sorts of fish, help promote a child’s brain growth. If you don’t eat fish or other foods high in omega-three fatty acids, your well being care supplier would possibly suggest omega-three fatty acid dietary supplements in addition to prenatal vitamins.


Vitamin A deficiency can be a known threat factor for extreme measles. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Vitamin A supplementation can significantly cut back mortality rates for youngsters with measles who reside in areas with a high prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency.