Holistic Medicine And The Extracellular Matrix

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Dr Gordon gives the example of three teenagers presenting with depression and asthma. One might respond better to joining a running group, one may continue to need medication, and one may benefit https://www.kama-media.org/ from family therapy. This requires a bit of digging on the part of the doctor to figure out which approach is best for the individual patient, based on their personality and circumstances.

Meanwhile Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine are concerned with bringing the whole body back into a state of equilibrium. They do not delve so minutely into the causes of disease, but rather try to bring the body and mind back into a state https://www.wikipedia.org/ of balance. Until very recently, it has not really focused on the role that psychological or emotional factors have to play in physical disease. In essence, Western medicine tries to find what is physically wrong in the body, and fix it.

Conversely, functional medicine uses individualized therapies to treat the patient, and it focuses on identifying and addressing the actual cause of a disease. However, both integrative care and functional care are patient-focused and they zero in on a patient’s comprehensive medical history to gather a full picture of health. Most doctors will only issue conventional medicine, i.e. prescription medicines or suggest over the counter medications. Some doctors – sometimes known as holistic doctors – also have training in complementary therapies or alternative medicine. Holistic doctors may suggest alternative/complementary medicines alongside prescription drugs. Making wellbeing a priority, the service offers patients a fuller and deeper picture of their health, with advice on conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches to healthcare.

The body is viewed as one whole, interconnected system, not just an isolated set of symptoms or diagnoses. We use cutting-edge laboratory testing alongside a detailed medical history to reveal the underlying issues causing chronic symptoms and dysfunction. If the Holistic Doctor or Pharmacist thinks you need specific medical support, they will recommend that you visit your GP. Because of this, the Holistic Doctor or Pharmacist might not be able to understand or explain all of your healthcare concerns but will endeavour to help you devise a plan of action for self-care. Make your wellbeing a priority and explore our range of services including TCM/Acupuncture, Nutrition, Mindfulness and Craniosacral Therapy. Once you have found a practitioner, it’s a good idea to ask them some questions to help you decide if you want to go ahead with treatment.