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What Is Holistic Medicine?

My name is Chris Boardman and over the forty years since founding the Rosedale Clinic in Reading I’ve developed a remarkably effective system for preventing and treating a whole range of health problems. If you are in pain or would simply like to enjoy better health, let me introduce you to a unique approach that may be just what you’re looking for. Between eating “healthy” and spending hours sweating in the gym, getting the scale to go down even a tiny bit takes loads of effort and patience.

Holistic medicine came back to teach others about living a healthy lifestyle, environmental factors, and emotional health. Holistic doctors would generally not prescribe or offer an alternative therapy, instead of a conventional treatment for a severe condition. Their reasoning is because conventional medicines always have a scientific justification. A doctor must always justify why a specific treatment was offered over another.

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Holistic Medicine And The Extracellular Matrix

Not just because of Valentine’s Day but as a reminder of how important heart health is to each one of us. Check out our Doctor-Me website on health recommendations along with our shop for our top life changing supplements. Follow-up consultations and testing for monitoring of progress, and adjustments made to treatment programme as needed. I would like to receive your monthly newsletter with the latest news, offers and updates.

Dr Gordon gives the example of three teenagers presenting with depression and asthma. One might respond better to joining a running group, one may continue to need medication, and one may benefit from family therapy. This requires a bit of digging on the part of the doctor to figure out which approach is best for the individual patient, based on their personality and circumstances.

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