Apart from BPJS, Health Insurance and Unit Links Can be Ideal Options

The provision of health services through BPJS Kesehatan is a manifestation of the state’s responsibility in providing social security for citizens. Since its inception in 2014 until now, BPJS Kesehatan has played a role in improving the quality of public health. Even though it provides services for anyone, it does not automatically make everyone feel comfortable and suitable to use BPJS Kesehatan services compared to insurance. The government policy which requires all workers to use BPJS Health services is the reason other health insurance companies are used. Pay two premiums as well as company expense manager.
Also included is BPJS Health which is different from the insurance previously used. The various shortcomings and difficulties when using BPJS Kesehatan facilities must be noted. Because everyone naturally wants to get adequate health insurance.
There is nothing wrong with insurance using private health insurance services as long as it can provide maximum benefits.

  1. Health Insurance Link Unit
    Unit-linked health insurance can be said now that more and more people. Because this insurance offers two advantages, namely self-protection, and investment so that the premiums that customers will be placed on are allocated two, namely for insurance protection and investment in several investment instruments.
    Pay attention to the following points before buying a Link Unit
    It is very important to understand in detail about unit link insurance. At least, some of the points below can be taken into consideration.
  2. The amount of premium paid is greater
    The premium that should be at the level of unit-linked insurance customers will be much greater than pure health insurance. Because a number of these funds will be allocated not only to protect themselves as well as investment.
  3. Limited Health Benefits
    Because it functions as self-protection and investment, unit-linked is still under pure health insurance in providing benefits. In premium building, unit link insurance is preferable. Customer innovative premiums will not expire and can be withdrawn at any time if needed.
  4. Pure Health Insurance
    Points in Pure Health Insurance to Consider
    Between unit-linked insurance and pure health, there are differences, both from the advantages and disadvantages. The following are points about the advantages of pure health insurance that deserve to be considered.
  5. Guarantee Adequate Protection
    Pure health insurance has excellent service. For outpatient or dental care, pure health insurance provides coverage, while the unit link does not provide coverage. Besides, the policy validity period is in a matter of years. You are free to decide whether to plant or not.
  6. Broader Health Services
    Pure health insurance also has a very broad and comprehensive coverage of health services. Things that unit-linked insurance services do not have.
  7. Low Premiums
    This insurance also offers a low premium because there is no investment benefit in it. This allows pure health insurance to provide excellent health services for its customers.