8 Ways to Repurpose your Cosmetic Containers

In this day and age, most people are striving to reduce their carbon footprint. Cosmetic bottles now come in reusable and eco-friendly material but as users, we mostly throw away these stash of containers. Makeup enthusiasts will tell you how easy it is to accumulate and pile up containers after you’re done using a product. Today we’ll look at some ways to save the environment as well as the cash in your pocket.

1.     Bobby pin storage

You can use your old lip balm containers to store bobby pins. Get one of your used lip balm tubes to hold your bobby pins. It’s one way to keep you from losing them as soon as you buy them.

2.     Store jewelry in compact cosmetic bottles

Do you know those compact containers that you can’t recycle? They’re small enough for you to slip in your bag during a girl’s night out. How about putting some earrings, hair elastic bands, and other jewelry you might need.

3.     Use perfume bottles s vases

Perfume bottles can be too cute or expensive to simply throw away. Some people just accumulate them for no practical use. How about you convert them into beautiful flower vases? They are colorful and elegant enough to add character and charm to your home.

4.     DIY sewing kit

Have you come across those hotel sewing kits that hold practically everything you need? Well, you can make your own. You can use your large eye makeup containers to put your needles, threads, small scissors, pins, and safety pins.

5.     Tiny pot plants

Who doesn’t like the tiny shell plants? Tiny plant jars have made a comeback. You can use your small ink jars to plant miniature forget-me-nots, moss, violas, or potting mix.  Go for plants that have small roots and need water regularly. It’s amazing what that little container of gel eyeliner can do.

6.     Store pills in lipstick

How? You can easily scrape out the remaining lipstick and clean the tube up. Then pop in your dose of daily pills. This saves you from carrying the bulky pill boxes daily.

7.     DIY skincare solutions

Well, you don’t have to keep buying skincare products when you can make and package some at home. You can make your own apple cider tones, face moisturizer, and DIY facial scrubs. Your empty cosmetic bottles and jars can be used for packaging.

8.     Brush holder

You don’t have to buy a makeup brush holder when you can repurpose your shampoo bottle. Just cup a few inches off the bottom, dull the edges, and voila! You can put all your makeup brushes there.